This most recent finding was found by NASA’s own Curiosity Rover not long ago, and it looks to be another jigsaw piece in the Red Planet’s riddle. As you can see in the image, a bizarre bird seems to be flying about on Mars without the Curiosity Rover responding to it at all. As much as NASA would want to dismiss the whole thing since a graphical error, it’s very evident that it’s genuine, as they just uploaded it on their website.

Some argue that it’s all a misconception since it seems to be nothing more than shards of a meteorite that couldn’t make it whole on Mars, falling and exploding before reaching the planet’s surface. However, even wilder hypotheses have emerged as a result of this, with some believing that NASA has been falsifying its evidence of the Red Planet all along.

They all think that the Curiosity Rover has always been on Earth and that the “Red Planet” we see is only a set they put up for us. Is it possible that this has all along been an alien? Could this be evidence of NASA’s blatant deception? What are your thoughts? Check out the video below and let us know what you think.