With wires and soda cans, a 12-year-old Senegalese boy built a telescope that allows him to see the surface of the Moon

The curiosity in space phenomena and the hours of reading the book, “The Whole Universe”, was what triggered Malick Ndiaye to create a telescope with the limited resources he had.
The boy born in Senegal, only 12 years old, make use of some old high-magnification glasses that his father used, a camera lens, wire, paper, cans and cane to create his own telescope.

With these little resources, the young African designed a telescope that allowed him to perceive the night sky and the details of the Moon’s surface.

It took me couple of weeks to build the telescope,” The little boy dressed in a beautiful NASA shirt explained in a report to the Spanish media El País, “When I focused on the night sky and observe the details of the Moon’s surface, it seemed to me that I could actually touching it with my hand. Few days back, I was at the door of my house and a man who use to work on the road works passed by and asked me if it was something about topography and I told him no, that it was a telescope that I had created myself. So, he captures photos and a video of me and uploaded them to Facebook.”

What Malick Ndiaye did not realize is that this video would gather thousands of reproductions, reaching to the hands of scientists in the region who did not hesitate to talk with the young man on these types of topics.

New Telescope

In addition to scientists, Senior Journalists also approached Senegal to get knowledge about the story of the young genius of that country.

Maram Kaire, former President of the Senegalese Association for the Promotion of Astronomy, came to Malick Ndiaye’s house and provided a second, super professional telescope that would allow the young man to deepen his space observations.

“When I see my video, it reminded me of myself when I was young and I thought of all the efforts we make to extend this science. I did not hesitate to react because I know how hard it is to study the stars without a suitable instrument, to have a passion and not be able to make it,” Maram Kaire explain the aforementioned medium.

When he was asked about his dreams for the future, the young man has only one answer and he said: “I just want to look at the stars.”