Unsolved History: Why did the Anunnaki Leave Earth Thousands of Years Ago?

The Anunnaki are also known as the Sumerian Alien Gods from Antiquity. From what we know, they came to Earth 445,000 years ago and came to our world to train humanity and turn them into effective miners and exploited us to farm our gold.

In ancient Sumeria, a race of extra-terrestrials called the Anunnaki descended to Earth and interacted with the human population. This ancient alien race is thought to have been responsible for pushing humans into an agricultural society as well as giving them modern technology to help advance their civilization.

Anunnaki is a term that means “those who from heaven came.” It was a name given by the Babylonians, Assyrians and Sumerians in the late Bronze Age after they had encountered Anunnaki in their regions. Some argue that these ancient aliens may have been members of our own human species while others believe they were an entirely different species altogether.

What happened to the Anunnaki? This question has been left unanswered for many centuries and it is still not clear. The Anunnaki is a group of Sumerian gods, which includes Enki and his sister, Inanna. They were the children of Anu, the sky god whom they helped build his home in heaven.

There are many possible explanations for their departure from Earth. Some believe it was because they became bored and wanted to explore, while some others think that they had a falling out among themselves or with other people on Earth.

Currently, there are many theories on why these advanced beings left Earth over 45,000 years ago. One theory hypothesizes that they never left at all and that it was actually humans who left Earth when they supposedly evolved into another higher form of being. .Yet, there are many other theories on why our advanced ancient ancestors left, too. Some of these include that they were driven from Earth by a global cataclysm, a disease pandemic, or the development of nuclear weapons.

While this may sound sinister, other accounts suggest that they also helped build civilizations. Their visit was not parasitic; they guided ancient humans toward innovation and ensured the success of the human race.

Regardless, they practically took over Earth in an instant. Their pursuit of gold brought them to distant planets, and Earth’s resources were enough to make them stay. But why did they leave us alone?

According to Zecharia Sitchin, leaving Earth was not in their plans. They had to leave because of a civil war between two alien gods. The Anunnaki monarchs Ishtar and Marduk had a fallout that effectively destroyed the world’s power balance, forcing their ancient civilization to leave the planet.

Sitchin wrote the book “The End of Times.” This is an incredibly profound read for people interested in the Anunnaki.

In the book, the author claims that the civil conflict started because of Ishtar and Inanna’s unwavering determination. Their forces had already conquered Africa and Egypt, but their conquest glazed over Marduk’s Tower of Babel and his city.

Ishtar thought the tower was magnificent and wanted it for herself. She immediately attacked Marduk, and the Second Pyramid War began. However, Marduk stood his ground and defeated the pair.

After the war, Marduk banished them to their home planet, Nibiru. The war left the Earth damaged, so Marduk immediately began the construction of Babylon. And this new civilization flourished.
However, in 556 BC, Marduk was overthrown by the High Priestess of Sin. The Priestess effectively erased any chance of Marduk’s recovery and banished him and the rest of the Anunnaki.

This left Nabodinus, Sin’s son, as Babylon’s new and rightful ruler. After ensuring Earth recovered, what was left of the Anunnaki was compelled to leave Earth using the Teotihuacan and Nazca spaceports in the Americas.

However, some people claim that a few Anunnaki chose to stay. But that is a discussion for another day.