This Stanford Professor Wants To Discover The Truth About Alien UFO Crash Evidence…….

Garry Nolan, a pathology professor at Stanford University, is considered as one of the top 25 inventors at the institution. He has 300 academic articles to his credit and 40 US patents. He’s more likely to stick in your mind as the one who gets to inspect the artifacts found at UFO crash sites.

Nolan grew up reading science fiction and, like most of us, was always captivated by reading about aliens and UFOs, according to a recent VICE Motherboard interview. A YouTube video that went viral a few years ago claimed that a little skeleton was made by aliens. Nolan organized the information because he and his Stanford colleagues were keen to learn more.

They were shocked to learn that the skeleton was not only human, but also had unusual mutations that gave it the appearance. While many alien life watchers were outraged by this, Nolan caught the attention of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), which requested him to look into a number of pilots who had been within range of UFOs, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon as the CIA referred to them.

More than 100 patients who had experienced UAP and showed evidence of damage had their brains scanned by the CIA. Further research indicated that the “evidence” was also found in some of these individuals’ brain scans taken before the UAP experience, suggesting that the alleged “injury” was something these individuals were born with.

Nolan also came across patients during this time who showed signs of the Havana Syndrome. But because the situation has now deteriorated to the point where it poses a threat to national security, Nolan no longer has access to these people. However, Nolan’s creation of a collection of analytical tools gave him access to information often available at UAP sites.

These objects aren’t really attractive to look at; rather, they’re just lumps of metal, as Nolan said in his interview. However, they have quite diverse makeups. He has analyzed many samples, one of which has a magnesium isotope that is unusual in nature. He thinks it was orchestrated. He has no theory as to why or who may be responsible.

Right now, Nolan’s job is to assess these materials and determine what they are and where they originated from. He can speculate about their function and make an attempt to describe what transpires during a UAP after understanding their atomic structure.