Scientist Reveals “Aliens Are Actually Human Beings from The Future”…

Some of the greatest scientists and researchers of all time are working day and night to find out whether we are alone in this universe or not. Despite the fact that we have more resources and knowledge than ever before we have yet to get a proper response from the majority of them. All the information we have thus far comes from the people that allegedly came into contact with them before

We will be the first to state that not all of these deserve our attention, as there are a lot of liars pretending to have seen aliens themselves, but there are also a ton of real encounters that we will not dispute against in the slightest. Weeding out the fake ones is hard enough, but we seem to have managed to collect enough information to tell the following reoccurring motif: the aliens always appear very human-like.

This discovery led to a newfound theory emerging out of nowhere supported by the famous microbiologist Dan Burisch. According to him, humans have already been assigned to undergo secret missions at Area 51 during which they had to travel through time and space in order to achieve their goals.

The project is known as “Project Camelot” was the most major one that we know of, and according to Burisch, the teams did this by going through stargates or stellar portals. Over 50 of them were built during the time that he was actively working for Area 51 himself, each belonging to a different country altogether.