“You are not alone in the universe, ” Rafael Pacheco said as he piloted over Mexico City before mysteriously disappearing in 1976.

On June 21, 1976, the XB-ZOX plane commanded by Mexican pilot apprentice Rafael Pacheco Pérez, was lost for several hours in the skies over the Chimalhuacán area of Mexico City.

The aircraft appeared an hour later in the city of Acapulco, a fact that in itself is already strange since that journey normally requires 3 hours, in an aircraft of these characteristics.

However, the reason why the event became one of the greatest mysteries in the history of aviation is because in mid-flight the pilot would have sent an extraterrestrial message in a trance state.

“We are using the pilot only as a microphone (…) you are not alone in the universe ,” said the alleged alien through Pacheco.

“He is speaking because he is commanded to, that is, this is his voice, he is speaking but not of his own free will. We are using him as if he were… yes, we are using him as a microphone.”

“We do not matter much, neither where we are from, nor where we come from, it is enough for you to know that we are beings of this universe to which you belong.”

«Our planet is many light years away, but that repeats it again before it seems confusing: we are physically the same as you, I repeat that all the races of the universe are physically the same.»

“You are not alone in the universe and there are other races that are far from you but we are watching you ,” the message concludes.

The person who received these words from the Acapulco control tower was air traffic controller Carlos de Kretschy, through the 123.45 megahertz frequency.

I didn’t remember anything that happened

Upon landing, the young pilot, a student at the Mexico Aviation School, was received by the authorities, who took him to the Acapulco Health Center to check his physical condition or determine if he had ingested any substance that could alter his mind or lucidity.

However, to everyone’s surprise, the pilot was in perfect condition, he did not have any kind of substance in his body, nor did he have any mental disorder, a fact confirmed by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT).

Rafael Pacheco was interviewed by various journalists to learn his version of the events. He said that he did not remember anything that happened and refused to accept that the beings that possessed him were good.

“I don’t remember anything, I just felt that I was sleepy and that I was about to fall asleep.”

The aviation career ended that day for the young apprentice, who was never in command of an aircraft again, however, this episode is still remembered since what happened was never determined for sure and was attributed to an alien abduction