Levitation was mastered by very ancient civilizations 200,000 years ago – Lost Technology…..

I ask you to carefully examine the monolithic stone blocks and convince me that they can be moved. We can’t even lift all of these massive blocks with today’s modern cranes. If we can’t lift them, how did ancient civilizations manage to do so?

Vulcanian Spock would have agreed that only one explanation is possible: they used some type of levitation technology. According to what I’ve learned through many years of research into this topic, the ancients had two methods for lifting those massive stones. The first strategy used sound-driven systems.

The truth is that the Sound is vibration and you can make objects move by surrounding them with a specific sound at a specific frequency. Mental fortitude is another strategy. You’ve seen skulls that appear to be elongated. I’m guessing they have telepathic powers and therefore the power to levitate objects.