“A Battle With an Extraterrestrial Race is Happening Right Now In Space” , Claims a Hacker Who Got These Info From NASA’s Computers…

According to a hacker, after breaking into NASA computers, the United States has a fleet of fully functioning warships in space.

Gary McKinnon, strongly believes that he found the most recent information showing that the United States has a secret space program operated by the navy with warships operating in space. Fleets of Star Wars-style US Navy space fighters have been covertly protecting the human race from extraterrestrial attacks for decades. McKinnon revealed the full truth about his findings by saying: “I kept going for months and months. I kept thinking: ‘They are going to close this door’


“I used a software called Landsearch that allowed you to search for all the files and folders that interested you. I scanned and searched for documents, I found a spreadsheet in Excel that read: ‘Non-terrestrial officers,” says McKinnon. “They had ranges and names. They have tabs to ‘transfer material’ between the boats. , they must have a space-based boat, the names started with USS.” “The huge space ships weren’t built until the 1980s under a highly classified space program called Solar Warden.”

Gary McKinnon is accused of mounting the biggest trick in the history of the United States by breaking into the computers of the Army, the Air Force, the Navy, and NASA.


During his last interview, McKinnon describes a conversation of a former NASA informant, Donna Hare, to whom a colleague had told her that NASA was trying to hide sensitive information by “airbrushing” UFOs in their photos.

“There was a colleague, who was in another room, everyone had secret authorization, but they were on different projects, and she (Hare) was in the lab or in this guy’s room, or whatever, and said: come and take a look at this. There have been a number of former NASA and government employees who endorse the claims made by McKinnon. Also, remember, Trump ordered a Space Force, which I believe it exists for a long time and he is trying little by little to show all these to humanity because they can’t hide it anymore.