Why Time Travel May Be Possible, Michio Kaku Explains….

Time travel is the scientific means of traveling into the past or into the future. For years, we have been practicing the concept of time travel in science fiction movies. However, scientists are beginning to explore the concept of time travel beyond movies. Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science has shared his opinion about time travel.

“Most people think that time travel is impossible,” Michio Kaku said in an interview, “But believe it or not, there is no law of physics preventing time travel.” Michio Kaku is one of many scientists that believe in the future of humanity advancing technologically to explore the stars. He went ahead to make reference to the beliefs of Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein on the concept of time travel.

“Isaac Newton thought for example that time was like an arrow. When you fire it, it never derivated. Hence, time travel was impossible.” However, Albert Einstein shares a different opinion about the concept of time. “Now comes Einstein who says that time is like a river, an old man river that meanders its way around stars,” Kaku Explains. Scientists now use the concept of time travel shared by Newton and Einstein to conclude on the concept of time.

“The new wrinkle on all this is that we now believe that the river of time may have whirlpools.” He explains, “The river of time may fork into two rivers and the river of time may perhaps be bent like a pretzel.” Michio Kaku clearly understands Einstein’s counter-belief on time travel.

“Einstein of course had doubts about time travel. But his office made Kurt Gödel, perhaps one of the greatest mathematical logicians of the last thousand years the last one in 1949 to find a solution Einstein’s equation which allows time travel.”

Michio Kaku went further to explain this theory. “If the universe rotates and you want to go around the universe, you will come back before you left,” Kaku explains. But many scientists like Albert Einstein find it challenging to understand the concept of a rotating universe.

“Einstein of course was puzzled that a rotating universe will allow for time travel,” Kaku says. “But he said in his memoirs that he’s not worried because the universe does not rotate, but the universe expands.”

After Einstein successfully publishes his theories, scientists discovered hundreds of other types of solutions to Einstein’s equation which will pave a way for time travel in the future.

“If you have an infinite cylinder and the cylinder rotates and you dance around the cylinder like you are dancing around a maypole, you can also come back before you left and meet your parents before you are born,” Kaku says.

Scientists have previously concluded that a wormhole can theoretically reduce time travel across space in the future. In fact, some researchers believe that if one end of a wormhole is adjusted in a specific manner, it might pave a way for time travel to exist. Michio Kaku is one of the few scientists that strongly believe in the full potential of a wormhole as regards time travel. “Another way is to have a wormhole.

Take a sheet of paper and draw two dots on it. Fold the sheet of paper until the two dots meet and that’s a wormhole,” Kaku explains. Technically, you can practice this simple wormhole design as a small science project at home. Kaku relies more on Einstein’s view to share his opinion about time travel.

“Now there’s a catch. Using Einstein’s equation, you can show that the energy necessary to bend space and time into a pretzel is comparable to an exploding star a black hole,” Kaku says. This energy is greater than any energy we can ever harness on earth.

Many scientists share different opinions when it comes to Aliens and time travel. Michio Kaku is one of the greatest minds of your generation that think differently about an alien civilization inventing a time the travel machine.

“May be, Aliens have harness time machines or maybe you are descendants thousands of years into the future, may have mastered the art of time travel, and have harness the energy of a star.” Kaku explains. “So, one day, if somebody knocks on your door, and claims to be your great, great, great, great, great, great, great granddaughter a thousand years into the future, don’t slam the door because maybe your descendant got into a time machine, to visit her illustrious ancestor.”

Many scientists believed that some alien civilization may be a million or billion years ahead of our baby civilization in technological advancement. Michio Kaku is one of these scientists that believe in the advancement of alien civilization out there in outer space. Based on Michio Kaku’s view about time travel, one could see the possibility of humanity reaching a greater milestone in the future.


Time travel is one of the most interesting parts of science that has inspired our scientists to advance their research on how to move the concept from science fiction into real life. With the progress we are making so far, humanity will surely invent time a travel machine someday in the future.