Why Humans Need A Second Planet, Michio Kaku Explains…….

Earth has remained the only habitable planet known to mankind for centuries. Humans are not the only living species being sustained by mother Earth. In fact, scientists estimated that around 8.7 million species of plants and animals are being nurtured by our home planet. But with our recent technologies and explorations, we were only able to identify around 1.2 million of these living species. Scientists like Michio Kaku, an American theoretical physicist, futurist, and popularizer of science have expressed their thoughts on why humanity needs a second planet to become a multi-planetary civilization. Why did Michio Kaku come up with his suggestions? Continue reading to find out.

Why Michio Kaku Thinks That Humans Need A Second Planet

During an Interview with Big Think, Michio Kaku visualized the future of humanity from a different perspective. Scientist encourages the fact that mother nature provides a warm and sustaining environment for humans and other living species. But in some cases, mother nature also reveals its savagery nature on earth through earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions, and other devastating disasters.

As a result of these impacts on earth, 99.9 percent of all living species become extinct after existing for a while. In fact, the universe has made extinction to become a norm for all species. Aside from the natural disasters which can doom the earth from within, the laws of physics guiding the universe positions our home planet in the center shooting gallery of asteroids, comets, and meteors.

“It’s inevitable that we will be hit with a planet buster,” Michio Kaku said, “something like what hit the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. We need an insurance policy. Given the fact that mother nature and the laws of physics have a death warrant for humanity. We have to make sure that humans become a two-planetary species. Because ultimately our destiny will be in outer space.”

Michio Kaku has rewritten several books to enable everyone to understand the future of humanity and how our civilization will advance technologically in the coming centuries.

How Michio Kaku Thinks That We Will Reach Deep Space To Find A Second Planet

Kaku revealed that we currently do not have rockets sophisticated enough to take human passengers to deep space and get to a second planet. This implies that if another giant space rock eventually heads towards our home planet, we will suffer the devastating effect of the impact.

“However, we are entering now a new golden age of space exploration,” Kaku explains, “Now we have the infusion of funds from Silicon Valley billionaires. We have new strategies to go back into outer space. And things have changed, and costs have dropped. With the introduction of reusable rockets, we are now talking about opening up the heavens to perhaps a whole new economic landscape.”

Michio Kaku believes that the innovative ideas space agencies are bringing into the space race will take humanity to a greater milestone in exploring deep space. He further explains how Elon Musk is working towards reaching Mars with his futuristic vehicle, and how Jeff Bezos of Amazon wants to take all the polluting industries into outer space and make the earth a paradise. Based on his analysis, we could see an exciting future where humanity will grow and thrive in outer space. You can watch the full video here.

Michio Kaku shares his opinion about why humanity needs a second planet. Based on the progress made so far, humans will surely break out of our planet of birth and become space-faring species. What do you think about the future of humans in outer space?