“The Alien Presence On Earth Is Real And Complex”- Whistle Blower Tells Us What Aliens Really Want….

Linda Moulton Howe is a well-known ufologist who believes the US government is now collaborating with aliens. She is regarded as one of the world’s most renowned UFO investigators. Simultaneously, it is commonly known that she has made contact with a number of high-ranking whistleblowers.

She has declared multiple times that aliens exist and are here on Earth. She also stated that numerous high-ranking military and intelligence officials contacted her and indicated that the existence of extraterrestrials is genuine and complicated.

A military source in Washington, DC, was one of many who communicated with her. According to this source, the government has made contact with at least one form of non-human entity.

He also spoke with Moulton about a new kind of Greys called as Ibanez, which stands for alien biological organisms.

Moulton also discovered that this kind of Grey can alter the color of their skin based on what they eat.

Their irises are brown and their eyes are almond-shaped. The authorities told her that, unlike traditional Greys, they have pear-shaped heads rather than triangular skulls.

Take a peek at the video below.