Mysterious Roswell Rock With ‘Alien’ Patterns & Magnetic Properties Continues to Fascinate Researchers….

The Roswell rock, also known as the Roswell Alien Artifact, is a small, smooth stone that was found in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico in 2004. The rock has become the subject of much speculation and debate, with some people claiming that it is evidence of extraterrestrial life or that it is an artifact from an alien spacecraft that crashed in Roswell in 1947.

On September 4, 2004, Robert Ridge, an avid hunter, made an extraordinary discovery while exploring the surrounding area of the infamous Roswell crash site. He stumbled upon a mysterious object protruding from the ground, featuring a unique pattern etched on its surface. Roswell rock measures 5 centimeters by 4.5 centimeters and weighs 50.78 grams with one end twice as thick as the other. The strange pattern has beveled edges and raises more than 1/8″ up from the surface of the rock.

Upon closer examination, the artifact, later known as the “Roswell rock,” revealed intricate symbols and designs, including two crescent moons joined at the corners, reminiscent of patterns found in Crop Circles. The precision and craftsmanship of the Roswell rock have captivated many, with Ridge claiming it to be evidence of advanced machinery. The Roswell rock remains a fascinating subject of interest to UFO enthusiasts and researchers alike.

It is interesting to note that the pattern that was portrayed on the top of the Roswell rock is an exact match for the crop circles that appeared in Liddington, England on August 2, 1996. This, together with the fact that the mysterious artifact was found in extremely close proximity to the purported crash site in Roswell, makes the case even stronger. So, what is it?

Some believe that the Roswell rock is an alien artifact that was left behind by extraterrestrial visitors, possibly even the infamous “little green men” who are said to have crash-landed near a farm in Roswell, New Mexico. Others argue that it is a highly skilled forgery, created to deceive and mislead.

To better understand the object, researcher Ridge contacted two prominent ufologists, Chuck Zukowski and Debbie Ziegelmeyer at the 2007 Roswell UFO festival. Chuck and Debbie set out to investigate the rock over the following year, trying to determine if it could have been a souvenir from one of the stands at the festival.

They found out that the color of the rock matched the color of the carved surface, which led them to believe that it was not a recent creation. Additionally, after conducting a microscope examination of the artifact, they could not find any marks that would indicate the use of a tool during the engraving process. This led many to conclude that it is not a forgery but an authentic ancient artifact of unknown origin.

However, what type of tool was used to make the engravings without leaving any trace? As they dug deeper and investigated the Roswell rock further, experts discovered that it had magnetic properties, as it attracts the compass needle and rotates in the presence of a magnet.

The Roswell rock and the crop circle discovered in Liddington, England are not identical despite their apparent similarity. Many believe that the engraving on Roswell rock depicts the existence of parallel universes and provides hints about undiscovered portals and wormholes.

The presence of magnetite was determined to be the cause of the Roswell rock’s powerful magnetic pull, which was another discovery made by the researchers. In addition, the utilization of an energy-dispersive fluorescence spectrometer, also known as an EDXRF, verified the presence of this peculiar iron substance.

Strangely, when magnetic influence is applied to the portion of the Roswell rock that is the thickest, the object rotates counterclockwise. However, when positioned over the bottom crescent and circle, the thinnest portion of the rock, the object reverses direction and rotates clockwise.

In Search of Aliens, S01E04 “The Roswell Rock,” Giorgio Tsoukalos came to Roswell, New Mexico, “which is ground zero for modern-day UFO researchers,” to see the rock. Tsoukalos suggested that the Roswell rock is evidence of the flying saucer crash, which at first glance suggests that aliens use earth rocks as ballast. He thinks the rock is a cosmic key and/or a lunar calendar.

Tsoukalos examined the rock and concluded that the magnetic carving on the rock resembles Egyptian obelisk carvings. According to him, the rock responds “to your bodily energy.” Later, Tsoukalos and Ridge went rock hunting where Tsoukalos attempted to compare natural rocks to the polished Roswell rock, concluding that they are incompatible.

Tyler Glockner, the founder of alien hunting website Secure Team 10, made a video to discuss the Roswell rock origin. He said: “It was discovered back in 2004, sticking out of the dirt in Roswell, New Mexico, in a basically barren, empty area of desert close to where the infamous Roswell crash occurred.”

He further added: “The rock was very smooth, rounded, and it contained these mysterious symbols that looked to show almost what looks like a lunar cycle of the Moon. It’s been theorized that this rock may have been part of the wreckage from the Roswell crash. Or, that this rock – which is said to hold some very mysterious powers, was actually left behind by a previous alien visitation, and that the Roswell crash was what occurred when these aliens had come back to Earth to retrieve the mystery rock.”

The crop circle had appeared eight years before Robert Ridge discovered the Roswell rock, a fact that has led some to suggest the rock is simply a man-made copy. Ancient astronaut theorists contend that if someone had made the rock as a hoax, it is unlikely they would have left it half buried in the middle of the desert, where it might never be found. But what has truly convinced Robert and many others is that the rock is not a made fabrication and a comparison that was done under a microscope between the Roswell rock and a sandblasted replica.

One of the first researchers to investigate the connection between the Roswell rock and the crop circle in England was investigative journalist Linda Moulton Howe. She is convinced that within the design is a message.

She said: “If we are dealing with advanced intelligence, and you assume that throughout the universe, all solar systems all galaxies, there have to be some, we’ll call them, baselines, moons, suns, and skies would be the common denominator. Something is trying to teach us, humans, about astronomy. The moon, the sun, and the tracking of the symbols, this is reflecting past, present, and future. And that comes back to what is on that rock? Well, some people would say that that is a date.”