We’re About To Witness A Super-Rare Planetary Alignment In March’s Early Morning Sky…

Depending on the time of year, we may view various amazing sights out in space when we gaze up into the night sky.

Unfortunately, the sky has seemed relatively empty during the last month. But, as it turns out, all you have to do is know WHEN to look.

The planets visible to the naked eye are now on the opposite side of the planet (the sun-facing side.) Every evening of the month, you might gaze up at the sky and be greeted with a very barren sky.

Worse, Venus and Mars are quite near to one another and visible with the naked eye throughout the month, but not exactly after sunset.

According to BigThink, these two planets will be so near together on March 16 that they will only be approximately three fingers wide apart at arm’s length! On March 20th, Venus will be the brightest of all, when it reaches maximum elongation.

Then, on March 28, Mars, Saturn, and Venus will all be visible in the night sky, and you will be able to see Saturn pretty well if you use binoculars. Not only that, but they will fit inside a 5.3-degree circle. This close proximity of planetary trios is extremely rare.

So, you may be wondering, if the planets are all hidden on the other side, how am I going to see them? The secret is to stay up late and be outdoors a few hours before dawn, or to get up early.

Throughout the month of April, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, and Venus will all be visible in the pre-dawn sky!

While it may seem to be a difficult chore (staying up late or getting up early), I guarantee you that this view is well worth it. And if you like gazing at the stars and planets in space, you can’t miss out on this!