The Kolbrin Bible: A 3,600-Year-Old Text That Could Rewrite History

The Kolbrin Bible tells the history of human creation and mentions ancient cultures (civilizations) that existed on Earth before Adam and Eve arrived. Perhaps being one of the most disputed ancient texts, this document says the existence of highly developed ancient civilizations on Earth before “written history.”

“In those days, people will put the Great Book before them [upon its return], and wisdom will be revealed, and few are gathered to the stand, the hour of trial will have arrived. The fearless (brave in the heart) will survive…” Manuscripts 3:10.

The so-called Kolbrin Bible, which many people are ignorant of, narrates the story of ancient events in humanity’s forgotten history. Some of the stories in the ‘Kolbrin Bible’ are thought to anticipate our written history, while others predict terrible disasters that haven’t yet occurred on Earth.

The Kolbrin is thought to be equivalent to the classical Christian Bible. It’s believed to contain fascinating facts about biblical passages like the Flood and the Exodus. The Kolbrin texts also mention ‘The Destroyer’ as a pivotal figure in both of these catastrophes, as well as a slew of future cataclysms.

The Kolbrin Bible is a collection of ancient texts that have been hidden for centuries and preserved by secret societies for nearly a thousand years. Researchers claim the ancient texts have been salvaged after the loss of Glastonbury Abbey in 1184. Some even believe that there is a deep connection between ancient texts and Jesus Christ.

Many scholars think the Kolbrin’ Bible’ is a 3,600-year-old secular anthology. It’s believed to have been composed around the same time as the “Old Testament.”

It was conceived by many authors, from ancient Egyptians to ancient Celts. The Kolbrin is divided into two sections, just as the Old and New Testaments – two parts, making 11 books.

Ancient Egyptians wrote the first six books of the Kolbrin Bible, while ancient Celtic priests ‘pinned down’ the remaining books.

Many historians believe that the oldest parts of the Kolbrin Bible were compiled after the Exodus in the fifteenth century BC.

Many people consider it the first Jewish/Christian document that explains human evolution, creationism, and intelligent design. Kolbrin’s mathematical concepts reflect the ancient Druids’ interest in astronomy and mathematics, as well as global cataclysms in the past.

The ancient text also tells the story of human creation and reveals the presence of ancient cultures that existed on Earth before Adam and Eve arrived.

Kolbrin’s first section contains the story of creation, which is read both as a religious and scientific text. Kolbrin’s last two books are devoted to Jesus.

Interestingly, this ancient document, also known as the Bronze Book or Colebrook, refers to the “mortal men” who married the daughters of Adam and Eve and had children together, and also describes the Fallen Angels mentioned in Genesis. . It goes against the popular notion that celestial creatures and good humans interbred.

The Destroyer: A Key figure for humanity

The Kolbrin Bible – 21st Century Master Edition

Manuscripts 3:3

As the years go by, specific laws apply to the stars in the sky. Their ways are changing. There is movement and restlessness, they are no longer constant, and there is a red light in the sky.

Manuscripts 3:4

The Destroyer will arrive when blood drops on the Earth, and mountains will open up and spew fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed, and all living things will be swallowed. The Earth will consume the water, and the sea will boil.

Manuscripts 3:6

People will run away like crazy. They will hear the Destroyer’s trumpets and battle cries and seek refuge in the caves of the Earth. Fear will engulf their hearts, and their courage will flow like water from a broken pitcher. They will be consumed in the flames of wrath and destroyed in the breath of the Destroyer.