200 years have passed since Russian sailors Thaddeus Bellingshausen and Mikhail Lazarev discovered this continent.

But the mysteries that hide the ice cover of Antarctica have not been disclosed so far. Some people believe that an unknown form of life or ann UFO base is hidden in the mainland ice mass, others are convinced that the answers to questions about the origin of our planet and civilization are stored there.

Perhaps each of the researchers of Antarctica is correct in his own way. Indeed, there is no way to explain the causes of recorded mysterious events (some of them are documented) that occurred there in the middle of the 20th century.
Those events until now are considered the main secret of the sixth continent of our planet.

In 1959, a Soviet expedition based on the Mirny polar station in Antarctica sends a group of eight researchers deep into the uncharted continent, the group’s goal is to reach the south magnetic pole.

Only three people returned from the dispatched group; according to the official version, the cause of the tragedy was severe frosts and a storm, as well as an all-terrain vehicle engine failure.

Then, in 1962, a group of American researchers went to the South Magnetic Pole, the Americans took into account the scary experience of the Soviet polar explorers, and 17 people were equipped for the expedition with the support of 3 all-terrain vehicles and constant radio communications.
Nobody died on this expedition, but the sent expedition returned on one all-terrain vehicle. All the members of the group were on the verge of insanity, they could not explain anything clearly. People were immediately evacuated to a base in the United States.

Later, Soviet polar explorer Yuri Korshunov, in a conversation with a reporter, explained what had happened to the expedition to the polar station.

Korshunov was one of those participants who returned from a trip to the magnetic pole.

According to the polar explorer, the group was attacked by luminous flying objects resembling disks, and an attempt to photograph an anomalous phenomenon ended poorly, cameras were destroyed by a beam sent from a flying object. Those who tried to repel the attack using their hunting rifles were also struck by the rays from this object and died.

The reporter did not have time to publish the collected materials, this was prevented by the sudden death of Yuri Korshunov, only recently one of the American newspapers has published excerpts from the report, it was connected with the reporter’s investigation of the 1946 Operation Highjump.