Recently, Christopher Mellon, a former Defense for Intelligence official confirmed that he knows the names of individuals who are going to testify to the existence of recovered alien technology or are considering doing so. Unfortunately, his claim was untouched by mainstream outlets. Moreover, Col. Steve Ganyard said in his interview with ABC News that “the US government is completely incapable of complex conspiracies. Washington leaks like a sieve…if there were alien remains somewhere, it would have leaked by now.” Well, there is a huge list of proven conspiracies and hundreds of leaks about UFOs/aliens by military and government personnel.

The UFO reality has been hidden from most people in the government just like it was hidden from the general public. Only a small number of individuals are given access to this insane information. This perfectly explains the government’s recent behavior on UFOs, passing legislation, lawmakers making statements about it, etc. Only a relatively small number of individuals were privy to mass surveillance information. Even lawmakers responsible for oversight of the NSA were mostly kept in the dark!

Literally, hundreds of military and government personnel, from the President of the United States all the way down to Marine grunt, have already told the public, what is really going on. But here is the list of some important names that have already come forward on UFOs.

1. Bob Fish, the former “Director of Advanced Programs” from 1988–1993, “managing a highly classified, global network” for a major (but unnamed) DoD intelligence agency sent an email to Clinton/Obama insider John Podesta in which he claimed: (Source)

In that same TS/SCI building cafeteria in El Segundo, I had lunch with a senior USAF NCO who had worked for Project Blue Book in the 1970s (after it had been “officially disbanded). He was an ELINT technician (electronic intelligence) who flew in RC-135s from MacDill AFB in Florida. The “normal” target was Cuba where they did lots of snooping and sometimes challenging the Cubans to turn on radar and other systems.

He said there were times when they were diverted from these missions to track UFOs off the east coast of Florida. His claim was the UFOs had a landing and takeoff spot in the ocean east of Miami, north of Bermuda. He also claimed there was a specific electronic signature (frequency) emanating from them when they were going into or coming out of the water, so they were easy to track.

On several occasions, they filmed the UFO as it transitioned from water to air or vice versa. One last item is he was occasionally assigned to fly in a USAF weather aircraft (WC-135) when they had a hurricane hunting mission over the usual UFO area, where his specific assignment was kept secret from the other crew members. He would always report back to a dedicated USAF intelligence officer on base when they returned from a mission. He did not know where the intel that he collected was sent for processing or storage (WPAFB in Dayton would be the obvious choice). High-quality film of UFOs is “out there” somewhere!”

2. Former President Obama admitted that UFOs with unexplainable characteristics are real on The Late Late Show with James Corden. He said “Well, when it comes to aliens, there are some things I just can’t tell you on air. You know no, look, look, the truth is that when I came into office I asked, right. I was like all right, is there the lab somewhere where we’re keeping the alien specimens and spaceships? And you know, they did a little bit of research and the answer was no.

So but what is true and I’m actually being serious here, is that there are– there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are. We can’t explain how they move their trajectory. They did not have an easily explainable pattern. And so you know, I think that people still take seriously trying to investigate and figure out what that is. But I have nothing to report to you today. Unless.” (Source)

3. Alain Julliet, the former head of the French Spy agency DGSE, has said UAPs are not from any country on Earth, that some have been detected going from 0 to 10,000 kph in one second, that they have been detected going faster than the speed of sound underwater, and much more: “So we’re thinking, is it a drone, did the Chinese find something, or the Americans or Russian? But when we look at it, we see that everyone, Chinese, Americans, and Russians, everyone is looking for answers. Everywhere, services are trying to understand. And I, I’m not talking about green little men, that’s not my topic. My topic is “We face something we don’t understand, and it would be great to understand it” because it could become a real danger. And that’s what I’m interested in, to try to understand. And my question goes further because, we’ve seen it in the air, but we’ve seen some it water too.

Really fast ones. At incredible fast speed. So detecting something underwater, that we can’t identify, that goes at speed.. great speed, way higher than the speed of sound, we are like ” weird, what could it be”. So there that. And the more we advance in the technique, the more we identify event like this. But till now, we can’t explain them. We’ll find, I’m convinced we will. But we need time.” (Source)

In the Paris Match interview, Mr. Julliet said, “[Translation] The UFO phenomenon escapes the terrestrial dimension”

4. In a 1960 letter to Congress, Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter, who was the first Director of the CIA, stated: “Behind the scenes, high-ranking Air Force officers are soberly concerned about UFOs. But through official secrecy and ridicule, many citizens are led to believe the unknown flying objects are nonsense. To hide the facts, the Air Force has silenced its personnel.” (Source

5. “To date, Hastings has interviewed more than 150 military veterans who were involved in various UFO-related incidents at U.S. missile sites, weapons storage facilities, and nuclear bomb test ranges. The events described by these individuals leave little doubt that the U.S. nuclear weapons program is an ongoing source of interest to someone possessing vastly superior technology.” (Source)

6. Regardless of his controversial status, Steven Greer has recorded testimonies of 60 whistleblowers on his YouTube channel.

7. Dr. Robert Jacobs testifies that a UFO destroyed a test missile in the atmosphere and this was filmed by a telescopic camera. Later, several men in civilian clothes confiscated the film. He says this was probably extraterrestrial. Dr. F. J. Mansmann Jr. (then Major) later confirmed Jacobs’ story in writing. (Source)

8. Researcher Leonard Stringfield had like 50 sources on UFO crashes/debris and alien bodies that he wrote of in his books Situation Red and his UFO Crash Retrieval series.

9. In 1977, via Jimmy Carter who was attempting to gain access to classified information about UFOs, Sheehan was given access to classified Project Bluebook records in which he was able to review hard proof of the UFO phenomenon, but was told he could neither take photos nor notes. Brief 3-minute interview on this

10. Professor Garry Nolan of Stanford on testing purported UFO debris, which has isotopes not found naturally in our solar system. He suggested it may have been manufactured or from some artificial process, but there is no industrial purpose for that particular sample. (My speculation: it is consistent with what we would expect to find in materials that originated outside of our solar system) (Source)

11. Ross Coulthart, formerly of 60 Minutes Australia, has his own sources, including Nat Kobitz, the “chief geek for the US Navy” who admitted he was read into a UFO debris program, personally studied such highly technologically advanced debris, and was briefed that there were bodies. Coulthart also says he has spoken to over 20 people who are aware of an attempt by the US to back-engineer such technology, and all of those people claim there was no real success. Because of this, Coulthart says he is “absolutely certain that the United States has recovered non-human technology.” (Source)

12. Dr. J. Allen Hynek (who later believed UFOs were non-human technology) was a government scientific advisor to UFO studies for several decades (Sign, Grudge, and Bluebook) He later came clean about his involvement in the UFO coverup, stating Bluebook was told not to get the public excited, “don’t rock the boat.” Whenever a case came up that they could explain, let that out to the media/public. But for cases that were very difficult to explain, do everything you can to keep the media away from it. Bluebook had a job to do, rightly or wrongly, to keep the public from getting excited: (Source)

13. Brigadier General Arthur E. Exon, the highest ranking military officer came out and said directly that Roswell was the crash of a spacecraft and that alien bodies were recovered. This was common knowledge in his circles. Ex-CIA Agent Chase Brandon also said “Roswell UFO was not of this Earth and there were ET cadavers.” (Source)

14. Christopher Mellon wrote in his blog entitled “Don’t Dismiss the Alien Hypothesis” that “Official records from the U.S. and other countries indicate that this is a global phenomenon that has been occurring since at least WW2 and perhaps far longer. We have no reason to believe that many of these objects are from Russia or China, and in fact, it seems improbable. Especially when we consider how long this phenomenon has been observed. Consequently, the “not invented here” hypothesis is the only theory currently consistent with the known facts.

The list goes on but these were some of the important names who have closely worked with the government and their claims regarding should be considered serious as it has been already told that UFOs are a technology not understandable to scientists. Rest, currently, we have several claims made by Luis Elizondo who said the US government has in its possession debris from UFOs. “We very quickly realized it wasn’t our technology. It’s also obviously not Russian or Chinese. So whose technology is it?”