Hidden Pyramid In Antarctica Discovered by History Channel (Video)….

The History Channel has a well-known show called Ancient Aliens, and during the filming of the show, they accidentally stumbled upon a colossal pyramid that was hidden way below the snow in Antarctica

Joseph White and his colleagues were the ones that ended up discovering it themselves while they were analyzing the satellite photos that they were provided with.

Joseph and his crew immediately decided to classify this pyramid as a construct of the extraterrestrial civilization, but we shouldn’t jump to any conclusion that early on.

The Pyramid must have been hidden there for well over 12 million years now though, which definitely points towards it not being man-made. This is definitely Joseph’s best finding yet and because of this he definitely deserves a lot of praise.

Are we ever going to get to analyze this pyramid though or will the officials claim that this was nothing but a fluke yet again? It wouldn’t be the first time that they hide the truth of Antarctica behind our backs, that’s for sure.QQ