Forbidden Archeology: The Mysterious Egyptian Tablet That Is Similar To An Aircraft Control Panel….

Some Egyptologists and theorists believe it is a duplicate of a much older but far more advanced device used by Egyptian Gods and Demi-Gods.

After just a few seconds of glancing at this odd object, we receive the unmistakable sensation. It was an OOPArt artifact; it is dated when something physically does not belong to the time.

The mysterious table from Ancient Egypt is 49 cm in diameter by 13 cm in height and weighs up to 75 kg. It was meticulously molded-in alabaster, a material that only exists in this region, and was commonly used for decorating various places, including sarcophagi, and weighs up to 75 kg.

However, this extraordinary item is unlike anything manufactured in this ancient era (nothing similar has been discovered today). It contains circular apertures and virtually undecipherable reliefs that specialists and researchers have been unable to decipher even after years of study. The qualities that we can see make the thing resemble a modern airplane’s control table.

Some Egyptologists and theorists believe this is a replica of a much older artifact composed of different, less weather-resistant, but far more advanced materials used by Gods and Demigods — perhaps an image of extraterrestrial technology seen by the ancients.

This artifact was purchased by the Dutch museum in 1828, which is fascinating information. However, it is unknown which temple, tomb, or even location it was discovered in. Its provenance (were found it) is frequently lost, yet its validity can still be verified. The relic is currently housed in the Leiden Museum of Antiquities.

Experts confirmed its genuineness in the field after extensive research and evaluation. The unusual device was unearthed over 4,500 years ago and was immediately linked to Egypt’s fifth dynasty of pharaohs.

A tiny piece of its possible past can be determined from the hieroglyphics uncovered on its surface. This tablet is used for the libation of deceased members of the highest Egyptian hierarchy for them to successfully enter the underworld, according to one interpretation (there are others, all of which are entirely different).

Whatever the device is, its resemblance to current equipment confounds even the most skeptics and specialists who have been unable to come up with a convincing explanation for the discovery.