Time travel is currently impossible for science. Andrew Basiago, a Washington native, claims to have proof that he has done it dozens of times.

Dr. Andrew Basiago claimed that he was part of a covert experiment during the Cold War and that he was able to travel across time dozens of times.

According to material stolen from the Department of Defense, the United States government used time travel technology in 1967, more than 40 years ago.

The United States investigated technology to travel through time

Time travel technology was surreptitiously employed to build military sites. They achieved political and economic benefits by foreseeing the future.

The idea was based mainly on material confiscated from Nikola Tesla following his death.

One of the informants, Michael Relfe, a former the United States Armed Forces member, stated it was part of a top-secret operation.

He was recruited in 1976 and spent the next 20 years assisting in maintaining and expanding US settlements on Mars.

He went on to say that these sites were developed in the future to maintain secrets and that they were research areas and US defensive objectives.

Andrew Basiago, the principal propagator of this conspiracy, stated that he was involved in the DARPA Pegasus project from 1968 until 1972. This proposal was centered on time travel utilizing a hologram of time and space.

He said that the CIA taught groups of school-age youngsters with the necessary qualifications, who went on to become first-generation scouts.

Because adolescent brains and bodies were more fitted for this purpose, the US government was more interested in them. Because the consequences of time travel did not affect their thoughts, they were young and inexperienced.

After numerous travels, most of the adults involved in this project went insane, unlike the children, who were mute.

Andrew Basiago: political control in the country

Andrew Basiago criticized the use of this technology to preserve political power in the country. People who could be of interest to America’s future were informed ahead of time.

He reported being present at a luncheon in 1970 where George HW Bush was informed he would be president. The same thing happened to his son, George W. Bush.

Looking into the future in 1971, you may see visions of the catastrophic 9-11 incident. These events were predicted by the US government three decades ago.

The insiders ensure that, despite being declassified, these technologies are most likely still being investigated and employed in secret.

They deny this, claiming that the general public should be informed of this technology since it will benefit humanity.

Is it feasible that this technology could have progressed thus far? Anything is conceivable if they were based on Tesla documentation. However, why keep it a secret and not exploit it to its full potential?